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Frequently Asked Questions
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Please read the following frequently asked questions before placing your secure online purchase. If you have additional questions regarding RemoteSpy please feel free to contact our support department by emailing us:

[Question]: Does RemoteSpy work with my internet connection?
Yes, RemoteSpy works with all local area networks, cable, dsl, adsl, and dial up connections. The upload speed for log files may vary depending on your internet connection.

Is my RemoteSpy account protected? Can anyone access it?
RemoteSpy uses a plethora of security measures to maintain the safety and integrity of your personal information. Sensitive information transmitted between you and our website can only be accessed with your username and password.

Can RemoteSpy be installed from external drives or CDROMS?
Yes, RemoteSpy can be installed simply by coping the monitoring executable generated from your configuration to any pc. Simply copy the file to a disk and run the file on the pc you intend to monitor. The installation is completely stealth and runs instantly.

How do I view the recorded data in my members account?
Upon purchase, each RemoteSpy user is given detailed instructions on how to access their account. This email issues you a username and password and login details. If you have lost your username and password you may retrieve it here simply by entering your email address. It will be sent to you immediately.

What operating system is RemoteSpy compatible with?
RemoteSpy is compatible with all browsers and is fully compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7 and Intel MAC Computers with Windows installed. We currently do not support the monitoring of non Intel based MAC Computers, but you can create your spymodule and deliver it from a MAC to a Windows based pc for recording.

What happens when a user clicks on the monitoring .exe?
RemoteSpy is completely stealth and designed to install without warning. Once the executable is clicked the monitoring application will be started instantly. There are no signs or warnings whatsoever.

How do I uninstall RemoteSpy once I am done using it?
RemoteSpy can be easily uninstalled by logging into your RemoteSpy control panel, selecting a user and clicking uninstall. This will completely stop the monitoring process and uninstall RemoteSpy.

If I purchase RemoteSpy, do I get unlimited use of the software?
Once you complete your secure online purchase and access your RemoteSpy account you are given 365 days access to this account. You may log as many users as you want. You will receive an email notice when your account is due for renewal a week prior to it expiring.

Will a firewall stop RemoteSpy software from working?
In most cases a firewall will cause other products to be blocked however, RemoteSpy uses a special feature to send the logs to our server. A firewall in most cases will not stop RemoteSpy from transmitting recorded data.

Final End User Notice

If you sent the email to a remote computer via email the user MUST open the executable attachment for RemoteSpy to begin monitoring. It cannot install on a PC if the user does not click on the attached RemoteSpy module.

Some email recipients and systems may block executable attachments from being accepted. This can be especially annoying as these systems prevent you, the owner of the computer, from downloading software onto your PC. On the other hand, these systems are in place to protect your PC. To successfully get the module onto your PC, you may need to compress the RemoteSpy module. To compress the file is to make it smaller without losing the data in the file and, thus, make it easier to deliver over email. There are many methods currently available to compress an executable attachment, so just do a search on Google or Yahoo if you aren't familiar with the latest methods. Once the file is compressed, then you can send the module to the remote computer.

Legal Notice: The execution of RemoteSpy on a computer you do not have rights of ownership to a serious violation of the license agreement and may well be illegal. You MUST OWN the PC being monitored, or have permission to monitor it from the PC's owner. Sending the spy module to a PC to maliciously record data without the owner's consent is illegal (and stupid). RemoteSpy may be used only in accordance with the license agreement to which you must agree in order to purchase and use the software. You must abide by all state and federal laws while using the RemoteSpy monitoring software.

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Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.
RemoteSpy is the only computer monitoring tool that complies with a court-approved FTC consent order! - All Rights Reserved Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved